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Hi guys, first congratulations to the dive You did. Well done. On a dive to 100m with short BT i would not consider a Dil. change. I would fly the Bottom PPO2 not to high to avoid high CNS numbers and bring up PP02 much higher on deco. I would prefer less O2 in my Dil. and maybe little more He (If there is some problem of high Oxygen on bottom it is not easy to flash with Dil. at 1.2) On longer BT You can safe some minutes changing to a lower HE mix on the way up, but in warm water I would not border with that +- 10-15 min is not a problem at all. Definitively would never go on AIR for the reason just posted. I would prefer also less and bigger tanks (in the video I saw lot of 40cuf tanks) and less different mixes. But I make not many of that kind of deep diving so that is mine opinion, but as we are not DIR if someone find a different way and it works for him its fine too.
Again congrats for the dive and save diving
Ossi Italy
Thanks for your comment.