Hi all,
it s been a while now, some days after my 100hour of using that during a pre divecheck i realised that the gasflow was way beyond the limmit.
So i opened the firststage new modell (wich is not difficult) to hafe a look.
What i saw shocked me because the hole inside was covered with some red rusty soup!
The unit has never been in salt water. I removed everything and found out that the spring was brocken in peaces because of rust!!!. After the original rubberband was lost (Dolphin Druckminderer Manschette | Online Shop | W+S Water Safety Europe GmbH | Seit 1999) water must have entered the inside via this small pressure release-hole. I cleaned the rest and everything else seemed to be al right.
So i replaced the spring and set the LP until the flow was back to where it belongs. i also ordered this rubberband which sorounds the stage. Now its working fine no problem at all.

I was wondering if i am the only one who had such problems?

And how can Drager put a spring into a regulator that is able to rust at any kind of watercontact couse its obvious that water can come in????