I wrote a thesys about teaching dive rebreather, I gathered some pictures from friends or in internet but now I need pictures with a good quality to publish this work. Especially for the history or rebreather. The pictures can be some details of the rebreather, with or without a diver, if possible closed or opened to see the inside, back picture, front picture (details of the head, differents canisters, details of different electonics) ...

The publication will be free (no rights or monery for me) and in French ... Don't expect to win a lot of money but perhaps you will have a book for free, I will ask my sponsor this evening.

I'm looking for pictures of :

- Electrolung
- CCR1000 or MK15
- MK1
- MK4
- MK5
- Megalodon (details of the head, differents canisters, details of apecs, shearwater electronics)
- Ourobouros
- Sentinel

If you just give me contact to ask someone It's Ok.