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Thread: Submatix or Azimuth users

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    Submatix or Azimuth users

    Hello Folks,

    I am looking to switch to either a Submatix 100Xt or Azimuth semi-closed unit and am wondering if any users of these units would let me know what they think of them. Also does anybody have one for sale ?


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    Azimuth, mccr azi

    Hi Tangoman

    I have a mares Azimuth, this is one of the original mares build from a while ago.

    Compared to a dolphin they are great units. As they come they have good natural trim, easy to clean and maintain. Easier to set up correctly and a lot less hassles.

    I got to look over the current version of the Azimuth recently at Oztek in Australia. The current versions are very nice. Lots of refinement in the detail that just improves the unit a lot.

    Good points of the unit.

    The method for setting the bleed off the lung and the flow rate are easy and very repeatable.

    The general layout makes things like recovering the DSV if lost real easy, just reach up to your shoulder and grab the hose at the base and follow it along, no searching above and behind your head for it.

    Mouth piece. For a non OC DSV, it is the nicest on the market. Very easy to use, can be opened or closed one handed. Sweet basically

    cleaning: Absolutely easy to strip and clean. Takes about 2 minutes to completely strip for cleaning.

    Versatility to learn with. There are several very easy mods out there the for turning the unit into all sorts of things, like manual O2 rebreather for deco (using a power inflator and small O2 cylinder, linked directly to the inhalation CL), to closing the unit KISS style to adapting Hammerhead control unit and beating OMG to the market place with the nemesis. If you want a unit to learn the ins and outs of RB's build your own path they are far better choices than dolphins

    Scrubber: I still think the all stainless design of the scrubber and the gas path is fantastic. Later version have a rubber insulating coating on them to answer the critics that said it lost to much heat to the water. Personally I don't think any of these people every dived it. The temp of the sorb at the end of the dive is amazingly hot. The only issue was the gas you breathed was cooler than other units, but the heat loss is after the reaction phase, so you didn't lose scrubber efficiency

    Neutral points

    harness: Some people love it, some hate it. I hated it and changed mine to a back plate and new wing. It certainly is useless if you want to take it places the manufacturer would prefer you didn't

    Bad points

    Wing - Early mares unit wing was a good way to drown, it was way too small. The later OMG units have a better wing. I have changed my mares one for a 55lb halcyon wing.

    Weighted. The unit is very heavy for what it does. I have to ask why you want a SCR when units like the sports Kiss are out there, similar price, lots lighter and lots more capable.

    Tank valves. The original one came with a reverse din style valve, I believe you can get standard din valves now, but if you buy a second hand one, watch for these. They come with an adapter, for filling, but it cab makes life a pain.

    Seriously, you have to ask why you want SCR given the advent of the sports kiss.

    Spare parts pricing. Spares can be got from OMG if you have no local supplier, but they charge like they charge their military customers. Last time I got quoted one; a dsv hose was about $315 US. It only comes as a complete assembly with fittings and flapper valves, even though it is only held on to these with cable ties. Some other parts I have order where reasonable, but the hose and replacement counter lung prices are rather silly.

    Happy to answer any question I can


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