Liquivision is pleased to announce that the Xen, Xeo and Lynx computers are now compatible with new battery types. The original computers have a black battery holder which is only compatible with ER14335M batteries. All units shipped since January 1, 2012, have a modified white battery holder which is compatible with bigger batteries: ER17335M (disposable), and Liquivision ICR16340 (lithium-ion) rechargeable.

The bigger ER17335M battery gives double the battery life compared to the smaller ER14335M. The Liquivision ICR16340 lithium-ion battery gives around the same amount of dive time per charge as an ER14335M, except that it can be recharged 1000 times.

Customers who purchased units with the older (black) battery holder can send their units in to upgrade them to the white battery holder and take advantage of the new battery types. The cost of the upgrade is CAD$99 in North America and CAD$129 outside of North America, and this includes incorporating the new battery holder into the unit, as well as a new ER17335M battery and free return shipping. Group discounts are available if you and your friends want to send your units in together.

Both ER17335M and Liquivision ICR16340 batteries are in stock. [Please note that the while the new battery holder will actually fit many off-the-shelf rechargeable batteries, using a non-Liquivision battery will mean that the battery meter will not accurately predict how much battery time is remaining].

Our customers told us that they wanted longer battery life and also a rechargeable option, so we heard their voice and the solution is now here!

In addition to the new battery types, we offer an excellent lithium-ion charger which has international plug adapters for use in any country.

If upgrading, you can order your upgrade and the new battery types here:
Xen/Xeo Extras

For more details on each battery type, read our info document here:

Eric Fattah
Liquivision Products