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i have been looking for info on the meg CE and have found none..what is your opinion of the meg
Well since you asked...
It is a very robust, well engineered unit that uses an open design form factor. It is very simple design as far as electronic operation.
My personal preference is for over the shoulder counterlungs due to the ability to access gas bypass valves and water removal. The meg uses double o-rings everywhere there is a connection between water and the inside of the rebreather. As a result I have never exerienced or know of anyone who has flooded a meg beyond a simple gurgle in the breathing hose.
The unit is easy to travel with. I just got back from a cave trip to Mexico where we did some 300ft dives and pretty much every dive was in the 3hr range. I was diving with another meg diver, a KISS diver and an Optima diver and we spent a lot less time messing around with our gear that the others.
I like my meg so much I have been diving it almost exclusively for almost 7 years now.