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Bailing out you want the best breath possible, a 1st stage -> hose -> 2nd stage is the best possible. From my personal experience, even something like a flow stop in this chain effects the breathing.
Like I say, I've been diving the Z-System for a year now, actually a bit longer. There is no difference in real world WOB. I switch over from back to sidemount regularly. The only difference you will be able to notice depends on the regs you use.
The APD Gas Connector System (GCS) conforms to the EN250 regulator breathing standard down to 40m. Below this depth the breathing performance falls below this standard. If the GC3 FLOWSTOP is used in-line with the GCS the system conforms to EN250 down to 30m.
APD would appear to support my view that manifolds/flow stops & other restrictions in the gas flow have a negative effect on breathing performance.