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I have a set of CCR cylinders that I have left in Tulamben, Bali, and sorb is available up there if anyone wants to go CCR diving there. I taught the locals at the resort I use how to decant O2 and that's been fine - they don't charge any extra for this over doing a normal dive.

Anyone staying there is welcome to use the cylinders and the resort is so close to the Liberty Wreck that you literally step from the resort onto the beach then straight into the water and you are the wreck after about a 3 minute swim.
are your tanks still in Tulamben?
I'll be staying at the alam batu resort in October and haven't solved the tank problem yet. The resort is happy to decant, and may even have a booster by then. But only one set of tanks and the owner of those is keen to have them attached to his own breather.

Currently I plan to carry the sorb as excess baggage from Germany (70 Euros seems ok to me). Do you have any experience with forwarding the stuff regards the customs process? Do the Indonesians consider this an official import?

Thanks in advance