Hello everybody,

This afternoon, preparation of my vision to go to count the crawfishes. Switch on with no problem. And I wanted to switch off it to save the battery the time when my binomial tinkers its cells. But there, impossible.

I put a moment to understand why. It turns out that my button 1 remains "push on" (I am not sure that is effectively that for a piézo button).

As a result, impossible to calibrate (I have a shiting cell and I wanted to verify it before diving), impossible to stop the alarms in dive (the famous cell... not so cool because besides being painful - red flash + beep - the alarm hides the parameters of depth and of time) and finally impossible to switch off the rebreather at the end of dive (and it doesn't like when we open the head still switched on to deprive its piles, it defends himself as a fury with pschit of solenoid ).

Have you already had this problem or done listen spoken about such a problem?

I sent an email to Nicky but i'm afraid that her reply will be return to GB .

Edit : Excuse my English. That changes me courses followed at the school " where is John? Jonh is in the kitchen"