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Thread: Best of Red Sea on CCR

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    Best of Red Sea on CCR

    Congratulations to Barbara who finished her CCR Normoxic trimix course during a weeks holiday aboard Golden Dolphin 1 liveaboard with the technical support of Orca diveclub Safaga. Thanks to everybody responsible for us to have a great trip!

    1st day: confined water
    2nd day: Simulated runtimes @ DAEDALUS reef, surrounded by Hammerheads (hard to stick to the plan though...)
    3rd day: 50 m @ Rocky Island, lots of spinner dolphins around us during 6 m deco.
    45 m @ Gotha Soraya - half hour at depth playing with a manta ray!
    4th day: 55 m @ Habili Ali playin' with grey reef sharks
    5th day: Skills and drills during 3 shallow water dives (malahi, abu galawa and wadi gimal)
    6th day: 60 m @ gotha Sharm - deep bailout ascend after exploring the cave and the nice wall.

    We had our rebreathers (evo and evo +) with us plus 2x 20 l of oxygen, one 80 cuf with tmx 15/50,
    our stages filled with 20/30, 32 (for the shallow dives) and 50 % as bailout (gasses and 20 l cylinders provided by orca diveclub safaga)
    and an oxygen clean decant whip (provided by golden dolphin).
    This easily lasted for the whole week. Boat was not full (13 guests only) so plenty of space for all our kit
    Boat and team not especially trained to accomodate rebreather divers but very helpful and the guides very flexible - could have our own plan
    if necessary, never probs with timing, got lots of help with stages when exiting rough waters, great job. Thanks a lot

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    Re: Best of Red Sea on CCR

    Saw the picture of Babs and you with all your gear on. Proper spacemen (or should that be spacewomen).

    Congratulations to Babs.

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