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... Read instructions but not much help there.
An easy way to dial in the trim is to start with little or no weight inside and a bunch of bolt snaps of varying sizes. Clip the leash of to yourself, as that bolt snap hangs on you and should not be included in the scooter trim. Also, install any compass or computer that you plan to use on the scooter.

Next, clip on bolt snaps (or whatever else you want to use as weight) to the nose and tail until it sits the way you want it to in water. After the dive, remove everything you attached and weigh it on an accurate scale. Multiply the weight by 0.86 (for stainless steel bolt snaps, to account for the water displaced by the weight outside the scooter) and add that amount of weight to the inside of the scooter in the appropriate location. Bags of lead shot or self stick wheel weight work well.