I was grateful to recieve a call from the local club asking if I fancied a gas dive this week.

Plan A was to head for the Medoc but when Wednesday came it seemed a little fresh for heading out there in the Rib, if that was a no go though we would try for the Unicorn as its closer in; and if that was a no go, well we would bob around the sound long enough for the Mountbatten Hotel to open!

Heading out the sound the decision was made to head for the Unicorn, a fairly confused sea made for a bumpy ride around Rame and Penlee but once passed there it was quite comfortable.

The Unicorn was a new wreck to me so I was pretty happy to be diving it. Tris and I were the second pair in and had a really pleasant dive on this small wreck.

She was built as a fishing trawler but was being used to transport bricks and tiles when she sank in heavy weather in 1923 [she is known locally as the tile wreck] .

The shot had landed at the stern section just behind the engine, vis was a light 8m at 50m depth. She is a very small wreck with a list to starboard, the stern is quite intact with the prop still in place. Forward of the stern the engine room skylight is worth a look [this still has most the galss in and the engine is easily visible, again laying on its starboard side. Once in front of the boiler the wreck really breaks down into a pile of cargo, you will be under no illusion as to why it is called the tile wreck. The end of the wreck is marked by a large winch.

Congers are in abundance on this wreck and we were lucky to see a good sized one free swimming, though there was generally a lot of life with loads of shellfish and some good shoals of Pouting.

All in all a nice day out, thanks to Plymouth Sound BSAC for the dive and SWM for the wreck info.