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Thread: International Rebreather Event SAFAGA/Egypt 06.23.-06.30.2011

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    Re: International Rebreather Event SAFAGA/Egypt 06.23.-06.30.2011

    Greetings everyone

    I was in Hurghada last week teaching a Trimix Course for 6 days and everything was just absolutely normal. Hurghada and Safaga are 5-6 hours by car from Cairo and most of the people who work There are touristic oriented. As For Sharm el Sheikh where i live, Dahab and other cities in South Sinai was very calm and we are having a busy moths, There has been a few positive effects from the protests back in the capital and a few main cities which have resulted in great positive changes here in resort areas, like easier customs for tourists and visitors, Better regulations and easability in diving and boat related practices.

    The Protests in Egypt in General back in the capital have started to change dramatically as just a few days ago the old cabinet resigned and everything is starting to fall in place.

    Just wanted to clarify

    Keep Finning

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    Re: International Rebreather Event SAFAGA/Egypt 06.23.-06.30.2011

    Shearwater Research will be there. Flights into Hurgada from Europe we already starting last month.

    I will not fly through Cairo though.

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    Re: International Rebreather Event SAFAGA/Egypt 06.23.-06.30.2011

    HI guys,

    IART and ORCA would like to inform you over the intended dive destinations.


    Proposed Diving Program for Red Sea Silence
    Orca Dive Club Safaga
    Rebreather Event
    23th – 30th June

    Dear Divers,
    The below mentioned diving program is just to be used as a possible guideline for diving activities that will take place during the rebreather event. We will of course try to give everybody the maximium out of their diving - however - weather is a factor we have to take into account. Some dive sites are not accessible when the wind is too strong. This is why short term schedule changes may occur depending on the actual weather conditions.

    24th June: We will enjoy a later departure so as to give everybody the opportunity to have their units and equipment well prepared. The boats will depart from Orca Safaga jetty at 10.00 am instead of the usual 8.30 am. We plan the first dive site to be Ras Abu Soma. This is a long stretch of shore reef around the peninsula of Abu Soma. It offers a variety of diving options. Towards the open sea side Trimix divers can follow the drop off as far down as 80 - 85 m and dive a canyon. Normoxic Trimix certified divers will also be able to enjoy the interesting topography of this wall and chance encounters with larger species of marine life.
    Within recreational limits this wall also makes a beautiful drift dive including a little cave at 30 m, covered in soft corals and sweepers. You also find cleaning shrimps and different kinds of pipe fishes in there.
    There is also a shallower coral garden which can be done as a mooring dive. The area around Abu Soma also offers many amazing coral gardens. The second dive will take place on one of them. It will be shallower than the morning dive offering many opportunities to do Rebreather try dives on different units and also to discover how much fun it is to use a scooter underwater.

    25th June: Today’s departure time reverts back to the usual 8.30 am to spend more time out on the reefs. By now everybody should be comfortable with equipment preparation, weight, etc. With excellent weather conditions we will head out to an exceptional dive site north of Safaga called Sha’ab Saiman which is exposed to the open sea. The shallower depths offer a hard coral garden with abundant marine life. Encounters with eagle rays, turtles or feather tail rails are possible. On CCR it is also possible to get very close to the school of barracudas. A sandy road leads down to the drop off starting in about 30 m and going down to about 60 m. Sometimes even sharks are sighted here. All kind of diving activities are possible here, as well as training dives as there is always a sand patch to find to do skills.
    If the weather is less favourable we might head to Panorama reef. About 1 hour away, the furthest north of the offshore reefs offers drop off diving par excellence. Drift and deep diving is possible, the walls are smothered with soft corals and gorgonias. In the area below 60 m the divers will find overhangs and lots of whip corals. The mooring lines are located around the west site – usually protected from currents and prevailing wind – giving further opportunities for rebreather try dives and training again. We will visit this reef once more at the end of the week in case you plan on some even deeper diving.

    26th June: Today the boats will be heading again for the off shore reefs with the proposed dive site being that of Shaab Shear East. This reef looks like a horseshoe with a drop off towards the open sea and a lagoon with safe moorings in the south. The wall in the north starts in about 30 m and drops down to as far as 90 m. Great whip-, fan- and brush coral growth can be found here plus another highlight: A rather large ferry wreck (aka “Poseidonia” or “Al Khafein”) in the depth range of 9m – 27m. It is enjoyable as a dive itself within the limits of recreational diving or as an added benefit if returning from depth for decompression. The southern side has a shallower coral garden with some fun little sea caves and swim throughs plus the remains of a small liveaboard which offers shelter for crocodile fish and lots of pipefish.
    The second dive will be on the wreck of the Salem Express – the most well known wreck in this area. It is more than 100 m long and located in depths between 9m – 30m. Again an excellent spot for try dives on different rebreathers.

    27th June: Planned dive site today is Abu Kafan which translated means “Father of the Abyss” and this off shore reef is something very special. Two plateaus, one on the northern side and one on the southern side, are covered in lush soft and hard coral formations teeming with fish and there are vertical walls on both the eastern and western side with depths of 100m+ directly under the boat. The overhangs along the southwestern part should not be missed – either as a shallow photography dive or as the perfect surroundings for the decompression stops. Possible strong currents can offer thrilling drift dives here as well.

    28th June: To finish a great weeks diving, Panorama Reef is the place to go to. This one is infamous again with its smaller plateaus to the north and south of the main reef and the shear wall on the western side has seen its fair share of record dives from the Inspiration dive to 224m to rEvo’s latest dive to 211m. Orca’s experience here is second to none and today will be another special one.

    Depending on how you have booked your flights and the type of dives you have conducted you may fancy doing a couple of more dives after the event has finished. If so, we gladly offer you the following discounted rate for an all inclusive package. This additional daily rate would be 90.-€ and includes 2 dives from the boat, oxygen/air fills, bail-out Nitrox fill (up to 40%), reef tax and absorbent.

    29th June (Optional extra day): We would welcome any wishes or requests from your side or could suggest diving the wreck of the El Arish El Tor. This is a massive ferry wreck in the harbor which is well worth a dive around the outside and if you are qualified then it is great on the inside - truly memorable over head environment dive, the Red Sea version of the Zenobia.

    Please remember that we will need the following:
    - Log book and certification card for the type of diving you will be doing
    - Medical statement for diving
    - Advanced booking of rebreather cylinder types ( incl. valve thread type and
    cylinder size) and amount of bail-out cylinders plus the required gasses.

    Thank you very much in advance and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards and safe diving,
    Your Orca Dive Clubs Team

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