I have booked Skin Deeper out of Weymouth to dive some cracking dives in the Channel and off the coast of France. The cost for the boat will be around £4,500 (cost could go up or down due to fuel costs). I am in the process of sorting accommodation and will have an idea on a price for this by the end of the week.

The trip is open to CCR divers as we need to be self sufficient for gas fills. I am limiting the numbers to 10 divers to give us plenty of room for the extra kit we will need to take for the 5 days.

The Itinerary is

6th June Leopoldville then in to Cherbourg & nbsp;
7th June wreck north of Guernsey ( decide max depth ) then into Guernsey
8th June HMS Limbourne then in to Plomanach
9th June HMS Charybdis then in to Guernsey or Alderney
10th June dive Illinois then home

To book you place email me on kevinrainford@mac.com.

But as usual you are not on the boat unless you have paid your deposit. Deposit of £200 required.