I apologize for not posting many video's this year. We've been fortunate and busy with a lot of exciting projects. I just returned from an expedition to explore remote sea mounts off the coast of Brazil. Our goal for the trip was to conduct the first ever visual reconissance of a deep seamount approximately 300 miles off the Brazilian coast. The Jaseur Bank sits in international waters and rises to at least 150′ (45m) below sea surface, abrubtly, from over 14,000′ of deep, clear ocean. Seamounts present rich, locally productive islands of marine wildlife habitat. Deep water rises to visible light depths to create a hotspot of life. Large pelagic fish, marine mammals are drawn to productive, diverse bottom habitats. Plateaus, pinnacles and deep, sometimes vertical walls of life create exceptional habitat for marine life. This is what should be there. What has us worried is the fact that this bank is in international waters, and therefore outside Brazilian protection and control. Despite the good work the government is doing in Abrolhos, this area may be subject to the full force of unregulated long-lines and bottom trawling nets. We hope, ironically, to see many of the sharks that are the source of conflict in Recife. Our goal was to find the shallow water, dive, film, record and bring the story back.

If you'd like a more personal account of the trip, you can view my blog liquidproductionsllc | 70% of Planet Earth is covered by water, our specialty is documenting whats beneath it