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Thread: CE and rebreathers in France

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    Re: CE and rebreathers in France

    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel  View Original Post
    I think that the situation across the EU should be roughly the same as it is here in the UK, which also has to comply with EU regulations.

    In simple terms, a diver can use any non-CE equipment for diving within the EU as long as its:

    1. not for commercial gain (paid work) of any type, whether that be for commercial photography, archaeology, conservation, surveying, engineering etc.

    2. not whilst conducting training. This applies to both paid tuition or voluntary unpaid training through a club system such as the British Sub Aqua Club, Sub Aqua Association, Scottish Sub Aqua Club etc..)

    I have dived my non-CE Megalodon in several EU countries, including Spain and Ireland (Eire), and the only important matter is ensuring that all cylinders are CE stamped and in-test and (where required) Oxygen service, otherwise the dive centres won't fill them! They don't even look at the CCR unit, only the cylinders. If I'm instructing on a dive course than I revert to O/C and my (t)rusty twin-set.

    If you're arriving from outside the EU then I'd suggest hiring the cylinders locally from a dive centre to remove this issue.

    There is one other small matter that you may need to consider and that is the stupid and idiotic problem with the 'new' regulator fitting size for all Nitrox and O2 cylinders. You might need to get a DIN to M26 adapter for your regulators, but this can also be discussed with the local dive centres of you hire cylinders within the EU.



    How do you manage training all your divers in the UK if your not allowed to use non CE configurations. For instance a longhose is not CE certified and therefor you couldn't train students with it and you can't use it yourself.

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    Re: CE and rebreathers in France

    Why don't you just call a center close to your destination to check. French centres tend to over react in term of restriction and mix law, regulation, guidelines, unknown activities and so on. The favorite discussions between 2 divers is the regulation :)

    Call one that shows an international agency and they will probably accept or refuse over the phone (if they speak English).

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