I agree with all of the above, small SMB at best, I took 2 Intova LED's, really backup lights, one attached to my camera and one on my chest D-ring. I was fine with that, others may not be, there are occasions to do some very deep penitrations where there is no avalible light, up to you. Finger spool is plenty. Basically, I had a 3/2 wet suit, kiss rebreather, finger spool, 2 X1's (one live, one on setpoint) Camera, and (2) Intova LED lights, and one knife on my shoulder strap. That's if for me. We just got back first part of september, we had plenty of ambient light on all the wrecks, not always deep inside the wrecks. I took tons of other stuff but it never left the bag. On the Odyessy we used their AL 30's with air for bail. Can use an 80 but take your own stage hardware for 80's. The above listed gear was great for me, worst case I am ok with free ascent, so no smb. No current so you are not going anywhere. It will be up to you on what gear you feel you must have, this was fine by me.