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Thread: Eurotek Podcasts

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    Eurotek Podcasts

    The first of our new Eurotek Podcasts is now on line www.eurotekpodcasts.com

    The idea for this 2010 season is to interview as many of the speakers that are coming to Eurotek and find out what they are up to where they have been diving and what they have in store for us at Eurotek. The first show we talk to Italian deep wreck diver Eduardo Pavia who talks about diving the Carpathia as well as other deep shipwrecks and his filming work. Podcast number 2 features Australian cave diver Craig Challen who talks about long distance cave diving in the famous Cocklebiddy cave system and the technology used to reach the far end of the system. Both of these shows are now on the site and available to download to your itunes.

    We are just putting together the final edits for Podcast number 3 which runs with an interview with Professor Simon Mitchell down in Truk Lagoon. Simon talks about what he will be presenting at Eurotek as well as what he has been up to in the last year or so as well as some deep wrecks he is lining up to explore in the near future.

    We will have a Truk Lagoon special with Pete Mesley, so if you have ever wondered what its like to dive there as well as the logistics involved have a listen. Pete talks about all the deep wrecks out there as well as his favourites.

    We also have a Podcast coming up with Evan Kovacs who was the camera man that filmed the deep-sea detectives. As we speak I got an email of him today and heís actually out on Titanic and will be showing some neat 3D footage at the show. He talks about lots of interesting stuff as well as his favourite moments on the deep sea detectiveís show.

    We have also caught up with technical diving instructor Phill Short who talks about some of his explorations around the world as well as the current state of instruction he is working on.

    The plan is to release as many as we can in the build up to the show in Oct

    As a final note the first few Podcasts were done out in the field and we didnít have the mics set up as well as we could but we have learnt a lot in the few we have done and hope to have better quality shows soon, so hang in there with us.


    Donít forget to get your ticket for the show and hope to see you all there.
    Leigh Bishop
    co organiser EuroTek Tek diving show
    www.eurotek.uk.com & www.eurotekpodcasts.com
    Shipwreck Exploration

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    Re: Eurotek Podcasts

    Can't find them in iTunes. Web browser link won't work on iPad.

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