I pulled this of Dive Rite Just thought avery one should no about them

thay work grate with bailout bottles
Augst 17th, 2010

New O2ptima Rebreather Rails

It seems that handling bailout bottles and gear for rebreathers is going thru constant innovations. We have used Nomad Butt Plates and Tech Butt Plates for easy attachment and to place the bottles on the side for less drag. By sidemounting the bailout bottles it creates other issues like where to put reels and other equipment usually stored on the waist D-rings. While teaching O2ptima rebreather students I have seen some ingenious ways to add clip stations to the foot. We have taken one of the better ways and had it produced for the O2ptima. The new rails mount to the foot using the predrilled mounting holes on each side. These rails have a dividing bar in the middle so reels and cylinders won’t slide the length of the rail or allow the diver to clip one piece of gear thru the other. I find these to be the best solution yet.
Dive Rite O2ptima Rebreather Side Rails