In the normal operations of Valeo Films Inc. and Undersea Expeditionary Video Services, we acquire gear and equipment based on the needs of our clients and their production. As a result, we do not keep equipment around if it is not being used. In that, we experience a high turnover rate of all types of dive gear and production equipment. For those of you interested in underwater video production work, this is a deal for you..!

Camera, Housing, Monitor, Lights & Hard Case $11,800

A wonderful package and ready to go. This incredible price includes hard sided Pelican Case, EM 43 Color Monitor, trim weights, two buoyancy tubes, dome cover, spare primary o-ring, a single 8Gb and a single 16Gb P2 card. We’ve shot hours for television with this setup and everybody loves what it brings to the surface. The handles, monitor and light placements are all adjustable. To see samples of footage shot with this go to our video page.

Full details about the camera, housing and lights can be found at Undersea Expeditionary Video Services: Used Gear For Sale
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