Just as a heads up Brent Hemphill is doing Exploration work at Eagles Nest.

Any rebreather cave divers might want to look at this.-

They need help at many levels.

Regards, Andrew

Anyone interested please comment on the TDS thread because that is the one Brent is monitoring.

I apologize for the cross posting but the thread is on “The Deco Stop.”

Thread- http://thedecostop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12851

Stats on the Exploration Dive-

The entrance is sidemount but could be dug open.
the passage beyond is round. all rock and gerthite with good flow, yes I said flow the passage starts at 235' and is one the left side of the Green room.
It goes in drops threw a vertical crack to 240' and then another crack comes right back up to 212' and is hooking back to the right, seeming to circumnavigate the Green room.
I feel strongly that it is heading toward a spring syphon back in the
woods known as Gator, not to be confused with Little Gator at Buford spring.
As I said, the passage may be back mount dive-able but some work may need to be done, and thats pretty far back to be diggin open a bedding plain.

The Last time the dive was done we were in the water for 4:53 min inc Deco but that dive was buffered because we found the lead 2-days prior and were still off gasing.
It takes about 20 min to get to the Green room inc stage drops.
There you will find a vertical chained rope for stages and scooters and a new jump to the left with a steak on the floor heading into the new section.

I plan on being a little more aggressive with my RGBM's this time, considering help is available
so the dive including deco should be still under 6 hours.
As far as gases are concerned Ive found that heavy He on the bottom and gradual thansitional O2 curve with no spikes works best. on my last dive I actualy used a 85/15nit starting at 30' with small breaks until I hit 20'
I stayed much warmer threw the long Deco.
As for 50/50 or 70% I dont use them any more for this particular dive I've found that 35/35 or 30/35 is a much better curve for myself,
but as I said you may need to use Lp 90 bottles.
If you need mor detailed info Lee E-mail me for my Ph #
Brett B Hemphill