Shameless plug:

This book, which documents the exploration of Wookey Hole Caves (in England) by cave divers since 1935 to the present day, was formally launched last weekend. The book launch was accompanied by the CDG AGM and Dinner where many of the principal explorers were present with after dinner speeches being given by some of the more notable participants (I have video footage of most of these).

See the book's website: for more details. I hope to update the website in due course with material from the book launch in the caves and perhaps videos of some of the talks.

The book is available from the CDG online shop (see website - which accepts PayPal): £25 + P&P and other outlets.

Feedback so far has been very good and the publication will be of interest to cavers and divers worldwide.

I should add (for the benefit of rebreather divers) that the post-war period from 1946 to the early '60s featured closed- and semi-closed rebreathers and there are plenty of photos of these in use. The cover photograph shows Rick Stanton wearing his sidemount rebreather which was used in the 2004-5 explorations. Much old kit was dragged out for the book launch including a CDBA rebeather and a modern, homebuilt analogue (not mine!).