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It is important to know that this rig, and all the kit including camping and caving gear, was skied in. Yes, on snow, in the winter, up a glacier, and over a mountain.

Another good reason for the choice of a small and simple bit of kit.

I helped carry for the 1997 effort. We had Parks Canada permission to fly the heavy stuff in. Lots of issues with the compressor at altitude. the cold. And mostly, dragging the many tanks through several hundred meters of no standing room passage to the sump. Denis Weeks and I missed a poorly marked turn and ended up doing the trip twice on one of the carries. I thought he was going to expire.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but just to add to the story...

Near the sump the elevation changes and you start your crawl down slope, it was here that I needed a rest so I stopped and closed my eyes for a bit. Soon after I woke up a little disorientated and I continued my crawl but the wrong way. I think it was Duncan Morris that came up with a load and commented that I was heading back out..... drat, turn around again.

It was a long time ago.

Anyway, I cannot wait to hear about the next round of exploration.