Just curiosity here, but I was poking around the Drager website recently and saw listings for the "FGT 5400." On the US website only the Lar is listed, which I know they only sell to the military, but on most of the other country websites they have the FGT 5400 as well. In most cases it is also listed as a military or government product, but I was just curious if this is a new or current production item for Drager, since it sure looks like a Dolphin in different colors.

Doing a general Google search only turns up Drager sites, plus a couple of places in Bonaire that seem to be using them for recreational diving. I am not in the market for a new unit right now, since I think I can probably assemble three Dolphins from the parts I have, but I was just curious to see if anyone knows anything about this unit. If it is a current production item, even military-only, it could bode well for parts support for Dolphins. (Assuming Martin could tap into that source)

Different question, but the reason I was poking around Drager sites was because I was looking for a source of smaller manufacturer packages of CO2 sorb. Does anyone know of a US source for small (4.5kg) packages of Dragersorb/Sofnolime/Sodasorb? I only want a couple for travel, and the price of shipping from the UK was frightening.