Washington, Oregon, and Idaho Dive Buddies.
A few of us have been talking lately about how loose the CCR community is in the Pacific North West. There are many CCR divers here that do not know each other. In an effort to bring us all together I have been looking for a good set of tools. I believe we have found it.

Plan Your Dive a new local dive planning site and board. This has some very nice local dive planning tools for us to use.

1) An interactive dive site map, that if you have a site that is not on it you can add it.

2) Tide tools that interact with the local dive sites on the map.

3) A handy calendar that lets you know what other members and groups are planning. That can be downloaded to most apps like outlook, ect.

4) Groups, There is a group tool that if someone in the group is planning something it will notify the group by PM easily. in the PM there are tools down the right side to Confirm, Pass, or I will let you know later buttons. also an area to add text and a few other tools.

5) There is also a community board as well for local diving post's.

There are basically two sites in one. You have to sign up for PYD and the Community forum separately.

If you chose to join up with this after you sign up go to the Groups Section and you will see a "Pacific North West CCR Divers" Group and feel free to join in with us.

As I said this is new and we are trying to make it much easier for those of us in the PNW to get to know new dive buddies and to help out when someone has room on a boat or a cool dive that is taking place. Also for when you folks down south or to the East are traveling to the Puget Sound and need dive buddies you will be able to find local divers who may have the time to dive with you. And that goes for the PS Divers they will hopefully learn of new lake and river dive sites from you and can travel to them as well and look you up for dive buddies.