Hi Everyone,

We are now manufacturiung limited numbers of LAR V/VII custom built shells. These are manufactured from fibre-glass and gell resin to a very high quality.

Lead time for these is about 1 week for each shell (each one is hand built).

Costs are £200 per shell

Shipping prices:
France, Germany and Denmark are AROUND £45.00 / EURO 50.00
Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece AROUND £50.00 / EURO 56.00
Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg AROUND £40.00 / EURO 44.00
USA and Canada AROUND £66.00 / USD 110.00 / CAD 118.00

I've also have a thread (http://www.rebreatherworld.com/showthread.php?t=26829) showing work to date etc.

Should anyone want one, please drop me a PM.