Hi All,

I have an contact in Egypt (Daniel Pikarski of AFRICAN DIVERS NUWEIBA) He can/will arrange to charter a day boat in Sharm le sheikh with all the Egyptian permissions to dive to 100m max. The dive boat charter will cost around £300 per day, this price includes a tech dive guide (Daniel Pikarski) and their gas, the exact price will be confirmed once I give exact dates that the boat is going to be booked for, once I have numbers and deposits I can book the boat. As the plan is to do deep & long dives, so we will be doing just one dive a day

Not included in the price is food and drink on the boat which is around £5.00 per person per day. Your gas & Sofnolime use is not include.

The price I have been quoted for gas & lime is; 100% o2 is around 8 euros per fill for a 3lt cylinder, Helium is 6 euro cents per liter & sofnolime @ 85 euros per 20kg tube. Rebreather & bailout cylinders are available to hire but I will need to know in advance what cylinders you require.

I’m hoping put a group together of 8 to 10 CCR divers…if 10 go it works out to just £30.00 each per day for the boat and guide

Dive sites will be left for to the group to decide…… we can only dive site that are with in the range of day boat diving

If you’re interested in adding you name to the group list, please contact me

Once I have enough names on the list, the exact travel date(s) will be decided and deposits will need to be paid

I have made some enquires with UK travel agents and I have found a “deal” for flights and accommodation packages. I have found a deal for £280.00 (per person) for a AI hotel stopping at the Resta Sharm which is rated as a four star, departing from Gatwick on 12/01\10 & returning on 19/01/10

This price includes transfers and 20kg of check in luggage and 5kg of hand luggage.

For £18.50 each way you can take an extra bag/box of dive gear, it can weigh up to 32kg.

Best regards, Geoff