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    Spot Light 2006

    Do you have a story that you would like to share with the readers of Beyond The Blue magazine? Are you planning an expedition that you would like to get featured?
    Lighthouse Diving in conjunction with Beyond The Blue have launched “Spot Light 2006” a competition for new writers who have not been published before to see their work in print.

    Whether you are into deep shipwreck exploration, maritime history, cave diving or a travel and adventure writer (especially those who stray from the paths followed by the rest) then your work could be featured. If your not familiar with our articles then checking out the ‘Wreck’ and ‘Cave’ sections of our website will give you a flavour of the articles we’ve run in the past. www.beyondmagazine.co.uk

    Articles don’t need to be the absolute cutting-edge but should be aimed at Beyond The Blue readers who are advanced sport and technical divers, interested in many aspects of true adventure diving. In addition to the normal fee for your article, each “Spot Light” feature receives a brand new Kowalski 620 lantern worth around £230 from Lighthouse Diving www.lighthousediving.co.uk and includes a three-year warranty.

    If your interested then send an e-mail to ron@beyondmagazine.co.uk and I’ll send out the competition rules. There are four torches up for grabs (one for each issues winner) and will run through to October 2006. So if you haven’t got your story sorted right now there’s no need to panic.
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