This is a trip report my GF made on deco stop. It is not a RB report but the operator that she used has a very RB friendly operation in Greece. The diving there is fantastic and support has developed to the point of being able to support RB trips.

Well I got back from a beautiful vacation in Greece. It's pretty there this time of the year, hot but not humid, perfect for laying at the beach and going swimming, snorkeling and of course.. diving Went to see family and got to sneak 3 dives in the Aegean sea.

I have seen several posts around that diving in Greece is impossible, there's no technical dive shops and the sport is underdeveloped. I had this picture myself. It's been 4 years now that the Greek government has allowed access to 98% of the dive sites. It was the opposite before 2005. As you can understand diving has started blossoming slowly.

When I got to Greece I had heard that I wouldn't even be able to rent a set of doubles.. so I brought sidemount. Well to my pleasant surprise I found an operation that had much more than I expected: doubles to rent, backplates, helium, O2 stages.. almost everything a tech diver would need on a trip abroad. Plus tech divers on the crew and willingness to organize tech boat trips. This operation belongs to Kostas Thoktarides, it's called Planet Blue, and the link:
Planet Blue Diving Center

How did I find this? Well I am Greek.. my father knew Kostas's reputation as a military diver, commercial diver and had heard he opened a school.. so here I am looking for this tough Greek name on the internet.

I did all 3 dives in a little island called Makronissos, the boat ride was 20 mins.. Boats are small and the operation is growing so better get with the owner if you are going to organize a tech trip. He is very open, knows the diving in US having lots of friends here, and will work with you. I did recreational dives and still had a blast! The first two dives used to have pictures... but I deleted them.. tried to recover them but was too late. I know I am dum. First dive was on a small wall, 35m max depth, got a 50 min runtime and since it was multilevel didn't get on any deco. Then we went and laid at a small pretty beach, I have to admit this was one of the best SI I had, they provide light lunch and great company and you can go swim and snorkel.

Second dive was on a small reef, shallow reef, lots of small lobsters.. no pics... sigh.

Third dive was on another day, on an airplane wreck. This was a real wreck that they got in 1988. That was 35m depth and this was more to what I was used: go down a line, stay in recreational limits since you are with a recreational boat, go up. The big blue was amazing and I will post some pics from this.

You can organize a tech trip if you plan to go with friends or talk with Kostas to see your options. They do tech trips with minimum 2 people if I remember correctly. They speak excellent English so there will be no communication issue. The e-mail is on the website but I will post it here for convenience:

To give you a picture of how diving is going to flourish in Greece the next few years: while I was there I saw in the news that there was a diving tourism workshop going on how we can develop diving tourism in the country... So go while it's virgin and hasn't been dove a lot!!

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