Classic Inspo Medium/Medium ADV Back lit handsets OK
New - August 03
VR3 4th Cell fitted (or supplied unfitted if required)
Holds excellent +ive & -ive pressure
Lid full service in 2008
Good condiction
No smoke
€ 2800


This unit was manufactured in 2003, and has been returned to the factory 4 times for service since then:

December 2004 - new solenoid, full service, 3 new cells, and 1 new electronic module.
February 2005 –Full Service & 2 new modules.
March 2005 Lid Cracked in Transit – new lid, loom and re-programmed modules
October 2006 –Modules damaged, handsets cracked and handset hoses damaged, new hoses and modules.
2008 full service by Italian dealer