This is a used, semi closed circuit rebreather made by Drager.
Unit is complete with intergrated BC and all parts, including O2 sensor.
This is my own personal unit that I bought new. I was the only person who used this unit. It has less than 15 dives on it.
I have one tank for the main air supply (larger than original blue tank that came with the unit). It will have to be hydro'ed.
If you're not interested in the tank I can seperate the valve. You must use the Drager 1st stage valve in order to make the necessary connections. (pressure gauge included).
The white plastic cover has some scratches on it from assembly of unit while on a hard surface. And at the top of the white shell the handle cut out is broke. Im not sure if you can get the outter white shell from Drager.
This part is used only to house and protect the internal components and does not affect the performance of this unit.
As with any diving equipment, please have a certified technician review and test all functions to ensure that they are working and adjusted properly.
Again please test all equipment before diving!
I am not aware of any problems with this unit and it worked flawlessly thought my use, including my last dive.
Minus $150 if you dont want the tank. Weights are free, you pay shipping (Weights are rubber coated, shaped to fit BC and curved for you body.)

$2000.00 with tank