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Well, having run pods with hard-defined setpoint switching (Prism Pod on Mark-15) and then run the Shearwater, the Shearwater logic is the way to go.


Menu: Auto-Switch *Enabled* or *Disabled*.

Menu: "Define High Setpoint"

Menu: "Define Low Setpoint"

Menu: "Set Depth for Switch on Descent"

Menu: "Set Depth for Switch on Ascent".

And have a manual toggle on the menu for HIGH or LOW, which allows you to manually change it anytime you like, no matter if the auto feature is enabled or disabled. Then run it according to your mission needs. It's been really flawless. Basically, my defaults are 0.7 to 50 feet and 1.3 after, and 1.3 to 10 feet and 0.7 after that. I only change it for deep diving where I choose a deeper switch to high.

I really like this a lot.


This is exactly how the Vision controller works and it is simple and effective to use.