Hi all, the schedule for 2009 is now up Silent World: Wreckfest schedule

Diving Schedule
Boat OneBoat Two
Thursday 6 AMDoc DeMilly & Hugo's April Fool*USCG Cutter Duane
Thursday 6 PMDoc DeMilly & Hugo's April Fool*LSD-32 Spiegel Grove
Friday 7 AMWhistle Buoy Wreck*USCG Cutter Bibb
Friday 7 PMWhistle Buoy Wreck*LSD-32 Spiegel Grove
Saturday 8 AMThe Northern LightUSCG Cutter Duane
Saturday 8 PMCraneLSD-32 Spiegel Grove
Sunday 9 AMThe Queen of Nassau*USCG Cutter Bibb
Sunday 9 PMThe Queen of Nassau*LSD-32 Spiegel Grove



Depth Range

LSD-32 Spiegel GroveWorlds 2nd largest artificial reef - 510' long, upright, sunk in 2002. Current range minimal to strong. 8 mooring points - lines range from 65' to 100' Moderate coral cover, large goliath groupers, barracudas, jacks
65' -140'

USCG Cutter DuaneArtificial reef sunk in 1987, 329' long, upright. Current mild to v.strong. 3 mooring points - lines 70' and 100' Heavy coral cover, good chance of seeing bull sharks110' -130'
USCG Cutter BibbArtificial reef sunk in 1987, 327' long, lying on starboard side. Current mild to v.strong. 2 mooring points - lines 100' and 110' Heavy coral cover, good chance of seeing bull sharks110' -130'
The Queen of NassauNatural wreck built in 1904 and sunk in 1926. Pristine wreck upright, good cover of oysters, coral and sponges. Large debris field off starboard side. Good chance of seeing Scalloped Hammerheads, current mild to strong180' -220'
The Northern LightNatural wreck built in 1888, 300' long and sunk in 1930. Sitting upright but broken in two with the stern section lying upside down on top of the deck. Current mild to v. strong, good chance of seeing dozens of bull sharks150' -190'
The Doc DeMilly287' long steamer built in 1949 and sunk by Air Force bombers as target practice in 1986. Resident goliath groupers, upright with slight list120' -150'
Hugos April FoolRarely visited 117' long steel hulled ship sunk as part of the Biscayne Bay artificial reef program. 120' -150'
Whistle Buoy WreckLittle known wreck off Pacific Reef. Known for superb visibility and large population of reef fish.180' -220'
CranePopular with local fishermen, tiger sharks are often spotted here120' -150'

- You can book as many or as few trips as you like
- All day charters have a long boat ride - except the Queen of Nassau where the boat will be driven down to Islamorada the night before to save you 2+ hours riding on the boat.
- Spiegel, Duane and Bibb trips are open to recreational and technical divers. You can choose between either 1 deco dive or 2 no-deco dives with an hour surface interval.