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Thread: Infection possibly caused by my rebreather

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    Re: Infection possibly caused by my rebreather

    Joe, your thoughts on Steramine v. Rely-On?

    Quote Originally Posted by jradomski  View Original Post
    rely on is the human approved version or virkon.. the recommended concentration is between 1% and 2% soultion.. 1% is used for genral use and 2% is used when a surface comes in contact with body fluids.. the NECESSARY contact time is 10 minutes.. This is by far the strongest agent available for disenfecting.. The only other product I would recomend is microban.

    the tablets are 5 grams so about 1/2 liter of water is needed for a 1% solution.. This should NOT be diluted and used as is.. if you need to soak items (which is the proper way) you need to make up considerably more soultion,, I find it takes about 4liters of solution to properly clean a ccr.. remember the volume in the cls are at least 6l! SPray bottles should only be used for wipedown of insignificant surfaces.

    You need about 8 tablets per cleaning solution to do it right (or clean everything 1 piece at a time).. (if kept out of th sun the cleaner is good for about a week, the liquid changes color when it goes bad)

    SOAKING the hoses and other parts is the proper method, spraying them doenst work that well (there are ways to do it by spraying but you then need a much stronger solution and have to add water to splash around as well, with relyn/virkon the strongest solution you can make is 4%) since its really impossible to guarantee you hit all the surfaces and that they have contact for 10 minutes... This should have been covered...

    Also make sure you flush it well with fresh water, it is important to get ris of all residue as it could be an irritant..


    Have you been checked for Dengue Fever, its incubation time is usualy around 10 days..

    you didnt list all the symptoms but here are some

    Symptoms of dengue include:
    • fever
    • severe headache
    • pain behind the eyes
    • joint and muscle pain
    • rash
    • nausea/vomiting
    • hemorrhagic (bleeding) manifestations

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    Re: Infection possibly caused by my rebreather

    We military folks get something similar when trapped on a ship or hitting odd port calls. It reads like tuberculosis as far as symptoms, we call it the crud. Takes about 4 to 5 weeks to kick it. Nothing but fluids and fresh air seem to cure it!

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