The USDCT website has the release of the information for the
2009 J2 Expedition. Link- 2009 J2 Expedition of the US Deep Caving Team, Inc.

It describes the group starting the second week of march 2009.
So they should be hard at work as I sit at my keyboard and type away.
Good luck to those all involved with pushing the sump.

As a side note the Poseidon MK6 was described as the rebreather that the push team plans to use.
To quote the web page-

"In collaboration with expedition sponsor Poseidon Diving Systems of
Sweden, the expedition is developing a custom version of the new briefcase-sized Mk6 rebreather for use in J2. The Mk6, at less than 15 kg, will allow the J2 lead- and support-dive teams to work underwater for over 3 hours at 60 m depth."

Regards, Andrew