The Gallery is for us all to use to share pictures of rebreathers, rebreathers in use and accessories.

Hopefully all the catagories should be fairly self explanatory for you to decide which one to upload to.

If you have a homebuild then it is also possible to create a catagory underneath the home builds catagory - do this from the 'my stuff' link within Gallery.

The actuall uploading itself is hopefully easy - you can upload up to 5 images at a time using the upload button from within the catagory you are viewing. If you use quick upload then its only one at a time. Please not - PHP which is what this web site is based on has limitations - one of them is that you can not upload pictures bigger than 1 meg...

The gallery is now set so that no approvals are needed and so pictures can just be uploaded instantly - thanks for decoweenies feedback on this.