Hey all,

Tricia told me to use my quiet time today to start listing some stuff that has been kicking around here for a while. As some of you who have been here can attest, we've got so much stuff lying around it's like a rebreather paradise...

Anyway - I listed a Hammerhead for Inspiration on E-Bay today. This unit was sent to us to be refurbished and equipped with the latest Rev. C+ electronics and Delrin wrist units, but was never claimed by the owner.

Having waited the appropriate amount of time, we're now selling the unit to recoup our costs.

So - if you go HERE, you can see the unit - it is pretty much like a new unit, but since it is "pre-owned" we're not selling it as New. It comes with 3 Oxygen Sensors, which test fine here now, but are nearly 1 year old, so we are not guaranteeing them to be any good at all.

I started bidding out at $25, with a Buy-It-Now at $2,995, so either it will go quickly, or will be bid up accordingly.

We are giving it a full guarantee in any event, so it's like getting nearly a $1k discount off the "new" price.

Kevin Juergensen
Juergensen Marine, Inc.