I sometimes get a crunchy neck after diving however I'm pretty sure it's more to do with the physical strain of diving rather than anything deco related. I think stumbling around carrying 50kg of kit on my shoulders combined with long soaks in cold water in a not overly natural position is what causes mine.

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Cracking your joints (fingers or neck or wherever) is a bad idea after diving.
Like a lot of people I'd read of Rich Pyle's bend where he had a joint "pop" just before it hit. When I got my last bend a few years ago I had the same thing, my elbow crunched and then within about a minute the bend had developed (still in the water).

I'm no scientist but I'm guessing it's a similar mechanism to those boil in the bag heat pack thingies. Supersaturated liquid which is fine until you click the metal disc which then sets the reaction off. I may however be talking out my arse.