I will be in the KISS booth all week and am planning a casual RBW party on thursday night (place yet to be determined). At the least we will drink and BS and maybe play the craps table.

Since I just bought RBW a week ago, it was to late to plan something big, but next year will be much bigger in Orlando.

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Hey all,
I will be in Vegas for all 4 days of the show. I am helping my friend with his booth ( Inula Diving / Live-aboard Catamaran) Booth # 4636. Of course this is a rebreather friendly live-aboard :D. Please stop by and say hello.

Yes, I am looking forward to the Party. I am planning on attending for sure, and I even might be able to talk my friend into coming along. If there would be some sort of Tshirt, that would be great. If not, we still can get drunk.

You guys know the slogan, what happens in Vegs stays in Vegas. Now they have a new one...... Vegas, the City that put OJ away.:D

Ok, c u all this coming week,