Sean Holland, Fellow of the Explorers Club, will discuss the history and tragic sinking of one of the Caribbean's leading deep water shipwrecks, the Bianca C. Sean will share images gathered over his 10 years of diving this 18,000-ton ocean liner, which rests off the coast of Grenada in 90 to 165 fsw.

Sean will also show images of the Shakem, a picturesque shallow-water shipwreck near the Bianca C, and will provide us with an insider's guide to diving and exploring the Spice Island.

Sean has contributed stories and underwater photographs to publications including: Nitrox Diver, Immersed and National Geographic’s Adventure. Sean started diving at 16 off Fairfield County, CT and Long Beach Island, NJ.

The presentation will begin at 8 pm. For more information, please visit MetroWest Dive Club