In March 2009 I’ll be leading my third Technical wreck search aboard the MV Trident into the Gulf of Thailand. The expedition is open to only eight CCR divers and includes seven days of diving, two days exploring the island of Koh Samui hotel, and all your food, gas, and sofna-lime on the boat. My last expedtion we located and identified two new virgin wrecks and located others that still need positive identification. Warm water and incredible visibility combined with the Tridents excellent dive platform make for stress free technical diving and long bottom times. The Gulf of Thailand is a vastly unexplored area, with 1000’s years of shipwrecks including Ming Dynasty Chinese junks, WWII Maru’s, warships, submarines and modern freighters. This is one place where there are still virgin shipwrecks waiting to be found and explored. Its one thing to “been there seen that”, its another totally to be the first.

I only have four open spots left. If you like to know more drop me a PM or check out my website, to read about last Aprils expedition and get more info.