Below is a list of trips for 2006!

Mainly Inspo divers (so far), but all welcome?
Planned depths from 30m to 60m.

For further information & to check current availability please visit
Dives2006/, or PM me if you want to grab a space, or have any questions?


Paul B

Plymouth, 8/9 April 2006
Cost: £70 - Boat: Furious - Planned Max depth: 30m.
Spaces = 1

Newquay (a) , 6/7 May 2006
Cost: £83 - Boat: Atlantic Diver - Planned Max depth: 40m
Spaces = 1

Portland, 3/4 June 2006
Cost: £90 - Boat: Protector Planned Max depth: 50m
Spaces = 2

Exmouth, 5/6 August 2006
Cost: £84 - Boat: Wave Chieftain - Planned Max depth: 50/60m
Spaces = 7

Newquay (b), 2/3 September 2006
Cost: £83 - Boat: Atlantic Diver - Planned Max depth: 60m
Spaces = 4

The NOT very small print...
These trips are run on a not for profit basis, organized by me: to enable a group of friends to go diving. Surplus spaces will be made available to other diving hoi polloi, scoundrels & rapscallions as I see fit!
As the organizer I am financially responsible to the charter skipper for all monies due! Consequently when your share of the boat charter fee is requested, I will require prompt payment (within seven working days) to confirm your place!

If you have to withdraw from the trip, you will still be liable for the cost of your place unless a suitably qualified and experienced replacement, who is deemed acceptable by me, can be found! If you are late paying or unable to pay, I will have to release your place! Monies will only be refunded if a suitable replacement can be found.

If you wish to join any of these trips please let me know ASAP.
(Once I have confirmed with you that a space is available) please set up a direct payment for the number of trips you wish to attend); If you are unable to arrange a direct transfer I will of course, accept Cheques, cash, gold bars & casks of rare malt whisky.

I’ve set up a specific account for these trips & will send you details when I confirm your space/s.

I have taken the liberty of fiddling all prices (by calculating as if 9 or 10 persons per trip), so that in the event of a trip not being filled; I/we will not be left out of pocket!
This also means that for each full trip you will have money back to do with as you please (use for accommodation expenses, buying me a present etc.)!

All prices may be subject to fluctuation (I.e. if the skipper puts up prices due to fuel inflation etc)

If you book a space on any of these trips, you are stating:
• That you are capable experienced, qualified & fit to do the proposed dives.
• That you understand the risks involved. It is your risk; you are responsible for your own welfare & behavior.
• That your Diving equipment is suitable for, & in a safe condition to complete the proposed diving.
• That you have current (in date at the time of the proposed diving), & appropriate (diving) third party indemnity insurance.

The depths listed are the planned maximum; these will of course be subject to weather conditions. Or a decision by the majority of those onboard: to opt for a shallower destination.

I apologize if these conditions seem excessive, but trip organizers will understand that due to: bounced cheques, late payments & those who pull out of the trip at the last moment, I'm just covering my arse!

I’d also recommend that people look at holiday insurance to cover themselves if they fall ill etc!

Payment Details
First payment 40% of the total cost of the trips you wish to attend.
Second Payment 30% of the total cost of the trips, on January 1st 2005.
Final Payment, the rest, on March1st 2006.