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Thread: Phuket "cargowreck" identified

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    Re: Phuket "cargowreck" identified

    Is that a makers plate on the front of the bridge,in the first photo ?.:)

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    Re: Phuket "cargowreck" identified

    Identity of “Sun Shine 1“confirmed.
    In today’s answer to our request to Lloyds of London we got further information regarding the “Sun Shine 1”.
    It is confirmed that the ship sank approximately 18 miles west of Phuket on 25/7/95 in heavy weather.
    The transmitted documents showed, that the ship was actually built in the Neptune Shipyard, Rostock, eastern Germany in March 1966.
    The engine builder was “VEB Dieselmotorenwerke, Rostock”.
    We have already contacted the shipyard and asked for further information, pictures and construction documents.

    Many thanks to Lloyds of London for the provided information

    Andreas and Joerg
    Deep Blue Divers Phuket

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    Re: Phuket "cargowreck" identified

    2 Pictures from "Sun Shine 1" ex Bukhtarma dated 1987.
    Attached Images

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