Not alot, as expected...

AP had the Evolution+, very tidy with the finished looking BOV on the front (available Q2 now apparently), can't see anyone ever buying the original Evolution again though, wonder why they didn't just drop it to simplify spares/stock issues though?

rEvo had the all singing all dancing rEvo Mini with Shearwater, solenoid, extra battery etc, very complete package.

On the same stand was the Camelion system, very nicely built unit but they weren't opening the scrubber when I was around, did wander past later and saw Martin from AP having a look...

The Posideon/Cis lunar Mk6 was present and to its credit is is stunningly small, much smaller than I thought from the pictures on here. It does look cheap though and there was alot of insistance on the stand about rental units, reliance on your LDS, just travelling withn your battery/date pod (in which case why make it so small and light?)

The display was rather nice and bright with large digits, although why they've gone to so much trouble on a unit you dive based on the HUD I wasn't sure. One of my buddies commented that the unit was crying out for a Evolution style cover to make up for the tupperware internals appearance and to hide the ugly bits.

They where only pushing the single use & return scrubber, when asked about recycling of these they seemed to run out of information and they weren't sure about self-load scrubbers which was alittle dissapointing.

We left with the impression this unit and marketing hadn't been well thought out for the active Uk market.
Oh and they said the price would be "under £4K" and available in August.

Went to the talk on the Carparthia trip, impressive stuff on last years expedition, scary stuff on the original '01 trip, nice to see what can be done with sufficent drive and effort.