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unless one should have a Co2 hit, in which case breathing open loop might just be about all one can do. Saved Mikes life IIRC.

Just playing Devils Advocate Joe. I'm interested as I suffer the same problems as everyone else. Sometimes the ADV leaks and I try using the isolater (which sods law usually rings true and it wont work). This is only really noticable in the shallows as I realise that I'm bleeding through lots of gas. In this case I have to shut the pillar valve which is OK as I always have seperate suit inflation. If not, one would have to recover a partial runaway descent using o2. As I always dive dry with seperate suit inflation I dont suffer this circumstance so I dont know. Just an observation.

However on one of my first CC dives, I jumped in negative and the ADV isolater was on AND working. I fumbled like pig to get to it. I finally managed to hit the manual inflater at about 8m. Scared the crap out of me.


Personally I almost never use an ADV.. I usually have mine in the off position. I prefer to have full control over the loop.. The only time I ever use an ADV is (a) on a KISS since there are no manual inflators, and (b) when I am on a diver were I really dont have a free hand.. for example having to go down a line (lots of current), carrying a video camera, and having to control a drysuit, wing plus the loop.. Just too many things to dry and do with 2 hands..

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