Hi All,

Thought you may be interested in a recent archaeological project we are actively involved in. Initiated and directed by local diver, Axel Schoeller, the remains of an antique fighting vessel, thought to be circa-17th century, have been revealed off the the coast of Protaras. Although known by fishermen and locals for some years, it has remained undisclosed until now. With Cyprus joining the EU last year, there is increased interest by the government to help raise the cultural profile of the island, and this wreck plays a major part in revealing some of Cyprus' heritage.

I dived the site last weekend on an initial survey, in preparation of documentation required by the Dept of Antiquities for rubber-stamping. Bronze and iron cannon are visible, together with timbers, spars, and a host of artefacts, all uncovered; there looks to be evidence of far more below the sand. We have a diverse team of nautical archaeologists and divers, plus support crew, from UK, Cyprus, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Russia and Japan!! Phew! A good European, and beyond, representation!

The project has sparked a lot of interest locally, and this is spreading Euro-wide. Once we have the official go-ahead (expected within the next 10-14 days), full work can begin on survey and recording. Following findings, it is hoped to commence further investigation, and hopefully, recovery of artefacts to prevent further degeneration.

Anyway, check-out Axel's site for up-to-date info at: www.aquatec-innerspace.com