Time for a quick report on our Malta Tec and Rec trip.
17 of us from Ardmorediving.com went to Divedeepblue in Buggiba,Malta on Ryanair 2/10/07 .Having checked in to sunseeker appartments ,the truck from the centre arrived and collected the 4 units and other gear, tues evening was spent setting up for our week ahead.We split into 3 groups 7 rec scuba,5 tecdeep class and 5 tecs.
Weds 03
P29 and Rozi P29 good clean intresting wreck safe penetration,no silt yet and plenty cutouts ,ex east german navy 51m long patrol boat 36m max then swim 10 mins to Rozi 36m depth tug boat back in by reef good viz 25m, runtime 72mins
The real wrecks ! Le Polyesian aka the plate ship ,torpedoed in 1918 ,6000tonnes,72m max ,so much to see 22mins rt 72mins btm temp 18c deco 24c
The Southwold stern 68m max 30m viz ,such voilence its as if the destoyer was torn in half like a sheet of paper,after exhausting her ammo in a convoy battle she hit a mine and split in half while been towed .There are spent shells every where , even a tommy hat ,rum jars and bales of blankets totaliy undisturbed.Rt 76mins
Schnell boat (Torpedo boat)
As we descended we saw a long sleek intact hull split in half amidships ,2 fish still in the tubes ,50 cal clips on the deck,huge frying pan in the galley and bridge clock lying on the upper deck its hands froze at 11.10,she lies in 66m rt 80mins .We were back eating our breakfast on shore at 11 30am !
Hms Stubbron (Submarine)
Well all the tecs passed their course so 12 divers hit this one in 56m .The first time i dived this i was on OC,so it was nice to do 30 mins on it this time viz was around 30m
Um El Faroud(oil tanker)
While half the group offgassed excess beer on the last day,some of us went to the Faroud ,always a good penetration dive max 36m 80mins rt
I highly recommend www.tecdeepblue.com who along with Kevin the boatman provided an excellent week of diving .FYI we used 18/40 dil and 11ltr 18/40 , 7ltr 50 o2 as bailout with a max planned bailout of 97mins.I was quite comfortable with a 7mm one piece wetsuit and hood ,surface temp was 26c ,air temp 30c.I am finally convincined on the RB We had no problems with our units(4 inspiration visions all about 20 mnts old ver 3 software) in the water or with ryanair.
I hope to run a similar trip after easter 08 fitting in a mod 3 course.