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Thread: Classic Inspiration for sale (San Francisco)

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    Classic Inspiration for sale (San Francisco)

    Selling my Classic Inspiration. This is a great unit that I have had many wonderful dives on. It is 3 years old, was manufactured in 2004. I just had a complete lid service done by Silent Diving last month(9/19/07) including new handset microswitches, magnets, screen covers, housing end caps, new O2 sensors, and new batteries. There have been 0 dives since the service.

    The unit has medium counterlungs which fit me well(I'm 6' 190lbs)and would easily fit someone smaller. Best of all it has a KISS open circuit DSV with a new Mares second stage. I just put this on 6 months ago, and I love having it. I find it much easier to relax and enjoy my dives knowing I have open circuit gas delivered to my mouthpiece at the turn of a handle.

    I injured my back and am facing surgery and long recovery so I won't be diving for a while, and will definitely need the money. The unit comes with all the spares and tools I have - Bubble Chaser Kit, Convoluted Hose Service Kit (3), Scrim Kit (2), 1'st stage service kit, Batteries (2), Latch Kit, New Solenoid, Hose Tool, Head Tool, T-Piece Spanner... I also have the 3 O2 sensors that just came out of it that are still well within their service life and good spares.



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    Re: Classic Inspiration for sale (San Francisco)

    pm sent.


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