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Great pictures! Thanks Frank!

This cave is amazing but getiing equipment down (at least to push it) is a bit of work since it requires to set up a cable car.
Also you need to watch out for rain since it can easily pickup into a soaring stream and then you do no want to be on deco during that time

There is another cave near by called Gourneyrou which is also nice but the tunnels a little smaller and more ups and downs.
Also about this cave you can check our website
EKPP - European Karst Plain Project - Cave Exploration and Research Diving Team



carriage :
It is more dificult to bring gear back to the road than down to the sump

Rain and rising sump :
Hum, if strong rain after a week of rain (as when EKPP got his equipment flooded), yes, but catchment area of Gourneyras is very wide, and not a storm can flood it (during normal conditions, sure)

Ekpp website :
Sure, I wrote it in a former post of that thread