www.southwestmafia.com is for divers living in, and wanting to visit, the South West of England. We put people in touch with the right LDS, boats, skippers, places to stay, places to eat etc etc and we have a 'Last Minute Boat Spaces' section for spur of the moment dive trips.

Anyway, enough intro!

Rich Stevenson of Deep Blue Diving has just bought a new boat to add to the Deep Blue fleet and in order to launch it, has kindly offered SWM two weekend trips at very discounted rates. (Yes, that Rich Stevenson! :) )

He has also kindly said that if we get enough techy divers, he is happy to do some of the deeper stuff and with that in mind, I'd like to see if we can get enough signed up to set aside a day for it.

That's where RBW comes in. If you fancy doing something in the South West then please feel free to stick your name down. There will be a bit of a juggle once I know who wants to do what and hopefully we can have a day of more interesting deep wrecks...

The main link is here, and from there you will find the two dates...

I hope you find the site useful. :)

(Thanks to Stuart for kindly agreeing to let me blatantly plug the site! )